WOW, let’s weld!

Here you’ll find everything you need to start welding or improve your welding.
It’s our way to indulge your passion and get you the famous “WOW effect“.

Let us inspire you

Your source of inspiration is Martina, a DIY enthusiast who uses helviLITE welding machines to create WOW projects. You can replicate the idea or modify it giving space to your creativity.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

Learn to weld

Your teacher is mrMAKER, a man of few words but with a lot of knowledge to share.
See how he welds and listen to the tips Martina reads for him.

Yes, it’s like a free welding lesson, all for you.

Know everything about welding

You don’t need to take notes: we’ll write you everything you need to know about welding! And you find it already sorted by processes and well explained, at your fingertips as if it were a book. But more fun!