tigMAKER 210HF Pulse

Easy-to-use inverter TIG and electrode welding machine.
In the faceplate you have two toggles to select welding modes:
Welding process: 2-stroke TIG, 4-stroke TIG, MMA (electrode)
Types of TIG welding: TIG with LIFT trigger, TIG with HF (high frequency) trigger, TIG in pulsed mode.

Why purchase this TIG welding machine?

TIG welding is the best welding process created. Both the aesthetics of the weld bead and the tightness of the weld. It is precise, clean and perfect!
With the TIG process, the workpiece heats up less and deforms less; you also don’t have to use filler material for welding.

It is for you if you are already familiar with soldering and want to make projects that are a little more complex and refined, but still do-it-yourself.


With the tigMAKER you can TIG weld in different modes:

  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke flashlight management mode;
  • choice of arc initiation: LIFT mode or with HF (high frequency);
  • Ability to weld in pulsed mode (fixed frequency at 2.5Hz-50%).

Use as an HF TIG welding machine
With electric arc triggering in HF mode, the electric arc is remotely activated by the HF device. The advantage is that you do not need to touch the base material with the electrode: thus you do not damage the electrode or contaminate the weld pool, preventing possible cracking.

Use as a DIY electrode welding machine
In MMA mode you can take advantage of three devices (already pre-set) to improve welding:

  • Hot start, to facilitate the priming of the electrodes;
  • arc force, which automatically increases the welding current if the arc is too short;
  • anti-sticking, which prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece.

With tigMAKER, the ideal electrodes are rutile and basic electrodes up to a diameter of 4mm.

Why choose tigMAKER 210HF?

It’s the right welder for so much TIG welding
If you often weld with the TIG process for your projects, then this helviLITE welder is the best choice. You don’t need to worry if you’ve never TIG welded: you can control all features with two levers and set parameters with two knobs. It is easy and intuitive.

It is perfect for HF welding
You have all the advantages of HF welders: no weld pool contamination and a tungsten tip that never wears out.

It is convenient
Thanks to the 4-stroke TIG mode, you only press the button to start and end welding, without having to hold it down the whole time. That way you can focus solely on soldering and improve your craftsmanship.

It is ideal for welding fine thicknesses
The “pulsed current” reduces the heat input on the workpiece. So you can work with very fine pieces.

It is the portable tig welder for welding stainless steel
If you need to weld stainless steel for your DIY projects and repairs, then this welding machine is for you. Use it for all items that should not be attacked by corrosion and oxidation, including those in the food industry.

Write to us at info@helvilite.com or on our social: we will answer all your questions about tigMAKER 210HF.

tigMAKER 210HF is assembled in Italy, in the factories of HELVI S.p.A.
helviLITE® is a trademark owned by HELVI S.p.A.

Accessories included

The 4-meter, air-cooled TIG 26 flashlight
The neoprene ground cable. Length: 2 meters. Cable cross section: 25mm2
A cable with electrode holder clamp for MMA welding. Length 3 meters. Cable cross section: 25mm2
Guanti da saldatura a TIG
One pair of TIG welding gloves (size 10)
Gas pipe
Borsone Helvi per il trasporto della tua saldatrice
Duffel bag