rodMAKER 211

Portable welding machine with inverter technology for electrode welding.
Adjustment range: 10 to 200 amperes.
You can use rodMAKER 211 with all commercial electrodes. The ideal diameter of the electrodes is 4.0 mm.

Why choose rodMAKER 211?

Security, at all times.
Internal protection systems go into action in case of overvoltage and overcurrent.

Weld wherever you want.
You have no limits because you can use rodMAKER 211 with motogenerators.

It is easier to weld.
The hot start device facilitates the priming of the electrodes.

Everyone can weld. You too.
The arc force device automatically increases the welding current in case arc is too short.

It is for perfect projects.
The anti-sticking device prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece.

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rodMAKER 211 is assembled in Italy, in the factories of HELVI S.p.A.
helviLITE® is a trademark owned by HELVI S.p.A.

Accessories included

Electrode welding cable (cable length 3.0 meters; cable cross section 16mm2)
Ground cable. Length 2.0 meters.
Cable section 16mm2
Plastic welder carrying case
Martobrush: hammer and brush in one tool.
To perfect welding.