multiMAKER 192

Multiprocess welding machine. You have 3 modes in 1 because you can weld by wire, electrode and TIG.
With the two digital displays you decide how to set up the welder and define the welding parameters according to the project you have in mind.

WIRED mode:
  • Synergistic welding: you can select different wire types and mm thicknesses to weld;
  • Manual welding;
  • the coil compartment accepts 1kg and 5kg coils;
  • Gas / No gas welding.
Electrode mode:
  • simplified welding with hot start (facilitates electrode initiation), arc force (increases welding current if the arc is too short), and anti-sticking (prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece);
  • you can set the welding current and display it on the digital display.
Tig mode:
  • you can set the welding current and display it on the digital display.

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multiMAKER 192 is assembled in Italy, in the factories of HELVI S.p.A.
helviLITE® is a trademark owned by HELVI S.p.A.

Why choose multiMAKER 192?

It is for everyone.
The interface is simple and intuitive, even for those who have never welded before. An example? The synergistic mode: choose the type of wire you’re using, simply select the thickness you want to weld, and you’re done!

You have one instrument instead of three.
If you like to weld then multiMAKER is perfect because you don’t need to have three welders but only one that does for three! If, on the other hand, you’re just getting into the world of welding, well … it’s perfect just the same because you can practice all three types of welding at the same time

Sales wherever you want.
Don’t put limits on your projects! You can weld outdoors (with electrode and cored wire no gas) and also indoors with protective gas (with wire with gas or tig).

It is comfortable.
The mig flashlight changes it in a second. Thanks to the universal “euro” attachment, you can attach and detach it easily.

Accessories included

Torcia Mig 15-Lunghezza 3 Metri
3-meter long welding flashlight
Ground cable. Length 2 meters.
Cable section 16mm2
Cavo Saldatura con portaelettrodo-Sezione 16mm2-lunghezza 3 Metri
Electrode welding cable. Length 3 meters. Cable section 10mm2
Coil of flux-cored wire with diameter 0.9 mm - 0.5Kg
Martobrush: hammer and brush in one tool.
To perfect welding.