freeMAKER 183

Portable multifunction welding machine for wire, electrode and TIG welding.
Adjustment range: MIG/MAG from 25 to 150A, MMA from 25 to 150A, TIG from 20 to 150A
Portable multiprocess welding machine. You have 3 modes in 1 because you can weld by wire, electrode and TIG.

It is easy to set up because the control panel graphics are intuitive, thus giving excellent results even to inexperienced welders.

WIRED mode:
  • Synergistic welding: select the mm of thickness to be welded depending on the wire in use;
  • the coil compartment accepts 1kg coils;
  • Gas / No gas welding.
Electrode mode:

Welding is easier because you set the welding current mainly with a knob.
Plus while you’re selling, the freeMAKER helps you with:

  • The hot start: facilitates electrode initiation (adjustable);
  • The arc force: increases the welding current if the arc is too short;
  • The anti-sticking: prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece.
Tig mode:
  • Set the welding current by following the graduated scale.

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freeMAKER 183 is assembled in Italy, in the factories of HELVI S.p.A.
helviLITE® is a trademark owned by HELVI S.p.A.

Why choose freeMAKER 183?

EveryWay: three processes, one machine
By choosing the freeMAKER 183 you only need one welding machine to do everything: electrode, wire and TIG welding. You have complete freedom because you choose the process according to the project you want to do. What if you don’t know all three processes but only one? Hey, even better! Get the freeMAKER and practice with those you don’t know.

EveryOne: it’s for everyone
No matter how much you know about welding: freeMAKER is always the right choice! The interface is simple and intuitive, and you can be guided by the graduated scales on the front panel. If you already know how to weld, go faster. If you are learning, you will find the perfect welding parameter very easily, without even realizing it.

EveryWhere: sales everywhere
Freedom also means being able to choose where to weld. You can do it outdoors (with electrode and no-gas cored wire) and also indoors with protective gas (with gas or tig wire).

Small and powerful: a concentrate of WOW
The freeMAKER was born precisely to free you from all burdens, in every sense of the word! It is light so you can take it wherever you want. It is small but together you will do great things, we are sure!

Accessories included

3-meter long welding flashlight
Ground cable. Length 2 meters.
Cable section 16mm2
Coil of flux-cored wire with diameter 0.9 mm - 0.5Kg
Martobrush: hammer and brush in one tool.
To perfect welding.