Welder’s tools: what you need to weld safely

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Welding is safe if you have the right accessories. We have already mentioned something to you in this article on DIY welding safety, but we want to be more specific. If you want to start welding and are looking for soldering iron tools, then this is the article for you.

Welder’s mask

We would simply like to tell you that our fastDARK mask is the best you can have but that would be too self-referential-that’s not like us. Therefore, we will write down for you the advantages of this mask, which are many!

First, automatic dimming. As soon as the arc strikes, a light is created that can damage your eyes, and this is precisely the moment when fastDARK goes into action, without you having to worry about anything. And it does it quickly: in a matter of milliseconds it turns dark and your eyes are safe. If you want to know how it works, also read the article on self-darkening mask for

Second advantage: the best view. fastDARK has a quality lens that minimizes image distortion and provides excellent visibility at all angles.

Third advantage: you customize the welding mask as you wish. You can adjust the delay time (the time it takes for the lens to become transparent again) and calibrate the light sensitivity with respect to your environment.

You already know that a welding mask is essential for the protection of your face and eyes. Now you also know that with the right mask, accomplishing your projects is even easier.


Welding sparks, you never know where they are going to land! That’s why you have to be careful how you dress. We recommend that you protect your arms and legs from sunburn by covering them-yes, even in 30 degrees in the shade! We recommend a work jacket or coveralls, which you can find in hobby stores.

For the same reason, gloves are very important. Every DIY enthusiast’s hands are tools to be protected and so are yours. Get a pair of gloves that have high fire protection. We recommend the leather ones-they are the best. If you want to take a look at them, you can find them in the
accessories section.

Finally, protect your feet with tightly closed shoes: no weld on flip-flops!


While the welder’s mask protects the face from sparks and the eyes from light damage, the face mask is another protection for the welder: it shields you from the fumes released from welding.

You already know that if you weld inside, you need good ventilation. This may be enough to protect you, but if you want to be even safer, the mask is ideal. Choose the one specifically for metal fumes-usually a perfect fit for any welding mask.

Fire extinguisher

Okay, this is optional, however, it is ideal if you are welding in a space that is part of your home, such as a garage. We recommend it because it can protect the environment in which you choose to weld and, as a result, it can protect you as well.

Now that you know what welding accessories you need to get started, we also recommend you watch the video tutorial that explains how to weld safely. You will learn more about the tools we have mentioned but also how to set up the environment and what steps to check before you start.

Now you have no more excuses: start welding!