Safety in DIY welding: rules for the hobbyist

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In welding, safety is the most important thing. Yes, it is even more important than the WOW effect you will get with what you create. Because without security, there is no WOW effect.

Here then is a brief guide toDIY welding safety .

The ideal welding station

The first protection is the one that the place you choose to weld gives you, so-choose it carefully!
Make sure the air circulates well: large windows and doors are a must but a ventilation system could also be useful. Welding, in fact, means producing fumes that are potentially harmful to health. Fumes that do not have to be with there with you of course, but they must be able to leave the place where you weld.

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Soldering iron tools: protect yourself!

With the right accessories you protect yourself. By welding you produce harmful fumes, as mentioned above. And then there are the sparks, which are really fascinating but … also dangerous. They are glowing and therefore can cause burns and eye injuries. But you don’t have to worry. With the right accessories you are safe!

  • Welder’s mask
    : blackout glass protects your eyes and the rest of the surface protects your face from burns. If a spark gets on your mask it is practically neutralized. You must have realized then that sunglasses are not enough,right? This accessory is a mandatory welding protection! Besides, you want to put on, the charm of a welder’s mask?
  • Mask: The nose and mouth mask protects you from harmful fumes given off by metals used for welding. It is an extra protection that should by no means be substituted for good ventilation of the environment.
  • Gloves: protect you from sparks and therefore from burns. To be on the safe side, choose a material that provides you withhigh fire protection (e.g., leather).
  • Appropriate clothes: sparks end up everywhere! Cover every part of your body well. Also pay attention to the shoes, which should always be closed (yes, even if summer sales).

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Best practices for safety in DIY welding

We would spend hours watching (with a mask on, right??) the sparks from a welding machine in operation: for enthusiasts like us and you, it’s a sight to behold. However, we also know that this show can be dangerous because the sparks are unpredictable. Here then are two tips to make them harmless and simply fascinating.

  • Eliminates all flammable objects from the workbench and the surface around it.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times.

Finally, here are the last three tips for safe welding.

  • Be careful with electricity by adopting all the basic rules of using power-connected tools. For example, be careful not to touch the electrode holders with wet hands and make sure you are always well insulated from the power.
  • Store the still glowing electrode scraps in a safe, non-flammable container or place.
  • Keep your first aid kit handy at all times.

Now you know how to perform safe welding. Before you start your WOW project, you can also take a look at the video tutorial we have prepared just for DIY enthusiasts.