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We were born to help you weld, making your life easier when you pursue your hobby. This is how we create do-it-yourself welding machines and lots of useful content: inspirational projects, tutorial videos to learn how to weld or simply written online articles. (See here)
helviLITE is a brand born from HELVI, which has been supplying the world of professional welding for years.

A welding machine is a simple machine. Inside its somewhat serious form, a real “magic” takes place: the low current with high voltage is transformed into high current with low voltage. helviLITE welding machines are all inverter machines, precisely because they transform current. This is used to heat the metal and generate the fusion of the materials. The result of this fusion serves to join two other pieces of metal. Oops! We anticipated the next question.

Technically, you can join two metals with a welding machine. But from a creative point of view… you can unleash your imagination and indulge yourself with projects of all kinds. By joining pieces of metal together, you can create furniture, decorative objects, ornaments, toys, accessories and anything else you have in mind. There is no limit to the brilliant ideas you can have. We have met people like you who have created designer tables, elaborate barbecues, refined spice racks… In short, the welding machine joins not only metal pieces but also passionate people like us!

Are you looking for inspiration? Watch the videos of the objects that Martina creates with our hobby welding machines. Click here!

Sure! Without a doubt.
Obviously, you have to follow a few simple rules to work in absolute safety. First you have to choose the ideal place. Then you have to protect yourself with the right clothing and use two essential accessories: the welding mask and gloves. If you want to be even safer, you can wear a mask to protect yourself from the toxic substances released during melting. Yes, we actually wrote “toxic substances”: it is inevitable when working with metals. But don’t worry: you are safe by circulating air in the room and wearing a mask.
Finally, there are some good practices that help avoid accidents.
If you feel safe, then your mind can focus on welding. This way you will be more precise and the WOW effect will be guaranteed!
Still have questions about safety? Watch the mrMAKER tutorial video.

You already have creativity, right? Good! Then you need two more essential accessories that protect you from fumes and sparks.

  1. A welding mask: when you have a mask that darkens quickly and is comfortable to wear, then you’re good to go. Don’t save on this accessory because it’s your eyes you need to protect! Have a look at the Fast Dark Mask: darkening is automatic, but you can adjust the speed.
  2. Gloves: you need those that protect you from sparks and heat. If they’re leather, better. You can find them in all home improvement and hardware stores.

If you want to know more about accessories, then you can read this article.

Can’t wait to create your own welding corner, right? A place to create and work in full concentration. Great, you’re starting off on the right foot.

But be careful: choose the place based on the welding machine you have or will buy. A wire welding machine cannot be used outdoors, unless you have our filMAKER 182 which also works with flux-cored wire, that is without shielding gas. If you weld indoors (professionals speak of “calm air”), then it will be necessary for the room to be ventilated to prevent the concentration of toxic substances released during metal fusion. Do you want to feel safer? You can also wear a mask.

If your ideas are a little confused, don’t worry: it’s all normal! We’ve written an article about the welding station just for you.

Choosing a welding machine depends on the project you want to do more than on your welding skills. If you have never welded before (but how did you manage to live??), we suggest that you start from simple projects. So, choose a rodMAKER 171 or a filMAKER 182. The difference between the two lies not only in the price but also in the welding technique.
If you have no experience, don’t worry! Anyone can weld and we’re also here to recommend the right tools. Click and fill out the form and write us all your questions: we will answer you in the blink of an eye.

You can find mrMAKER tutorials on the WOW Let’s Weld page – we publish it once a month on our YouTube channel. mrMAKER is a welding instructor but he is a bit shy so instead of his voice you will hear Martina’s, a hobbyist like you who creates projects with our welding machines.
To make it short: if you are looking for inspiration, watch Martina’s videos; if you want to learn how to weld, watch mrMAKER’s videos.

On the WOW Let’s Weld page you will find the projects created by Martina, a passionate DIYer who welds with helviLITE welding machines. So far, she’s done a little bit of everything: from a barbecue to a bench with a snowboard. There is as much furniture as you want: tables of all kinds, chairs, bookcases, chests of drawers and much more. We’ve made you curious, haven’t we?

In our blog you will find plenty of articles. We explain how to weld iron, stainless steel and aluminium. We show you how to weld with wire, stick and TIG. You can know how to recognise welding defects and what joints you can make.

In short, it’s like having a book always at hand. With the big difference that we explain things to you in a simple way, just as you are reading these lines. Seeing is believing!

You can find them on Amazon and TuttoSaldatura.it, our partners, or even on Tecnista.it, Marfymakerweld.com and Soligon.it.
You can choose the e-commerce platform you prefer, but if you need any clarification before purchasing, we recommend TuttoSaldatura.it because they are specialised in welding machines, and you can contact them 7 days a week.
To find out more, read the page dedicated to our partners.

Sure! There are dealers where you can see our easy-to-use welding machines for yourself. Just write us an email to get the address closest to you.


But watch out: once you see them live, it’s hard not to buy one!

rodMAKER 131/171/211 – User manual

filMAKER 182 – User manual

multiMAKER 192 – User manual

tigMAKER 210HF – User manual

freeMAKER 183 – User manual

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