DIY welding: yes, you too can learn to weld!

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Welding is easy and safe, so everyone can learn to weld.
Okay, if you have never welded in your life, it is normal that you may have doubts.
However, if you’ve never welded before, you don’t even know what you’re missing! To have the power to join metals together, to make an electric arc (no, not the one with arrows) go off, and to make sparks… But most of all to experience the thrill of creating something by harnessing your creativity and manual dexterity!
That welding is an experience worth trying, have we convinced you? Good! Now all that remains is to remove any doubt that stands between you and the desire to weld.

DIY welding is 100% safe

Welders work with electric current, high temperatures, fumes and sparks. It is normal to have some hesitation. As is often the case with other hobbies or some leisure activities, there are risks. Woodworking or biking down a steep path is no less dangerous than welding. In all these cases you just need to
follow simple rules for your safety
and everything will fall into place.
When you balance you are safe if:

  1. you are perfectly isolated from the current and the generator;
  2. you have the right clothing and accessories to protect you from sunburn;
  3. Wear the right mask to protect you from eye damage.

Even non-experts can weld

Inexperience is just an excuse. With determination and a willingness to learn, you can do anything. However, if you’ve never welded and want to take it easy then we’ll give you some advice: choose a
wire welder
. Being more precise will give you good results from the first trials.

DIY welding is pure fun (with the right welding machines)

Forget welders that are difficult to use and have a thousand parameters to set. The helviLITE welders are not like that! We made them just for you, who just want to have fun creating something new, with no worries. Our welding machines are easy to use. Depending on the model you choose you will have one or two knobs to decide on thepower-they do the rest .

Fear of failure leave it to the fearful (you watch the tutorials)

“Errare humanum est”-you don’t need to know Latin to know that we can all make mistakes. So, don’t think about it. Once you are in a completely safe condition and have purchased the right DIY welding machine, start with small steps.
Yes, we know you can’t wait to throw yourself headlong into that project you have in mind. However, if you have never welded before, read the manual and watch our video tutorials on YouTube: we’ve created a playlist with tips from mrMAKER (our welding expert) and the voice of Martina (our DIY enthusiast who creates projects with helviLITE welders)

And then do some testing: refine your technique on small pieces of metal until you are familiar with the welder and its components. And then-go! Weld and bring your project to life.
Be sure to send us some photos!