DIY soldering: explore, create and have fun with helviLITE

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"Creativity requires the courage to abandon certainty."

What does it mean to abandon certainty? It means not taking anything for granted, exploring new horizons and having the courage to face all challenges. In three words, it means DIY welding.

Don’t take anything for granted.

We are passionate, just like you. We at helviLITE believe that everyone possesses the right amount of creativity to create something truly WOW. We feel proud every time someone says, “but did you really do it?” and we want you to feel that way too.
DIY is not only creativity but also satisfaction. Satisfaction in creating, building, welding. And also satisfaction when every effort results in a beautiful or useful object that others also appreciate.
Besides, DIY is also fun. We seem to see you, there in the corner you’ve created for yourself to cultivate your hobby: as you create, you smile. Okay, sometimes things don’t go the way you’d like and then you can be seen all focused, but…the fun is there too!
Don’t take anything for granted: you too can achieve the WOW effect!

Explore new horizons

DIY is not just about wood, DIY or creative recycling. DIY is also welding. And welding is for everyone.
Don’t you believe it? Just follow a few essential rules to be safe and then everything is learned. Because you won’t be left alone with our do-it-yourself welding machine (electrode or wire) but you can watch our video tutorials, read about everything you don’t know yet on this blog, and maybe take one of our DIY welding courses.
Explore new horizons: welding is your new adventure, all to be experienced.

The courage to face challenges

We love challenges! And we also look for them!
We were told that it takes courage to make those who have never done it weld. Well, we are convinced that those who say this are not DIY enthusiasts.
Those who have the hobby of creating new objects with their hands are curious, enthusiastic and want to have fun. You recognize yourself there, don’t you? Then you also know that such a person does not stop at a new technique to learn. He doesn’t stop at projects either. Such a person is passionate about welding even without ever having welded. This person is you.
So meet the challenge: start DIY welding.

We at helviLITE were born to help you create new objects with your own hands. We offer you all the support you are looking for and the best tools with which to weld. You just have to put in your fair share of creativity and … have fun. So much!