Welding Mask fastDARK

Mask with
automatic self-darkening
with 2 sensors.

Optical class 1/1/1/2:

  • Vision accuracy 1: minimum level of image distortion.
  • Light scattering class 1: The mask has a high-quality, impurity-free lens.
  • Dimming adjustment level 2: good level of dimming.
  • Welding angle dependence level 1: the mask is not affected by the welding angle.

Why choose fastDARK?

It is your “shield.”
Our mask provides you with excellent protection. Always.

It is created just for you.
You can customize the functionality of the mask to suit your needs.
Here’s what you can set on the inside of the filter:

  • delay time: you can adjust the time it takes for the filter to become transparent again once the welding is finished . You can choose a time ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 second;
  • Sensitivity: you can adjust the sensitivity to ambient light.
    LO (low) = not very sensitive to light.
    HI (high) = very sensitive to light. This setting is ideal for welding at low currents and for welding in dimly lit environments.

After you set up the mask, you can preview the selected degree of protection ( Test button). So you are 100% sure before you even start welding.

Write to us at info@helvilite.com or contact us on social media-we are here to answer all your questions about the fastDARK mask.

fastDARK is assembled in Italy, in the factories of HELVI S.p.A.
helviLITE® is a trademark owned by HELVI S.p.A.

Where can you find it?