About us

Easy soldering for DIY fun.

At helviLITE* we create DIY welding machines, easy-to-use machines that help people who have never done it before to weld.

The reason is simple: we want everyone to discover the pleasure of welding, of mastering metal to the point of making it into a table, a chair, a barbecue… No one will be able to say that welding is difficult anymore, on the contrary. Even you will say, “I welded my first DIY project.”

We know you and we know you like to make new things all the time-we are just like you: passionate. About what? Of creativity.

And then we are hungry: we are not content to create something new, no. We want the WOW effect. That’s what you’re looking for too, isn’t it? That’s it, with our DIY welders the road to the WOW effect is all downhill. Creating, welding and building is so easy and fun that welding will be your new hobby. Don’t you believe it? Well think about it-you know when, in front of your latest creation, they ask, “but did you do all this?” There, it is at that very moment that you will experience a feeling of pride so pleasant that it will warm you up inside. An explosion of emotions that only when you shape your brilliant ideas can you experience.

This is the WOW effect. This is what we at helviLITE want you to experience.

And since our aim is always to make your life easier, in addition to easy-to-use welding machines, we have created a world of welding tips, tutorials and inspiration.

*We are a brand of HELVI, a historic brand that manufactures welding machines for professionals.

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